Saturday, July 24, 2010

Truckload of Candy!

This project was for my mother's social group a few months ago. She needed a thank you gift that would be unique and fun. Their "theme" for the year was transportation, so what goes with everything? CANDY!

We made these dump truck's hauling candy, in a few very simple steps. Wish I was that driver...That job better have a good dental plan.
Y0u will need:
  • A toy dump truck ( Target)
  • Floral foam the long block kind works best (Micheal's)
  • Knife
  • Individually wrapped candy with "tab" wrapper ends: Mini: Snickers, Milky Way, BabyRuth, Crunch (Dollar Tree)
  • Push Pins (Dollar Tree)
  • Shredded paper grass (Dollar Tree)
  • Glue
Take your floral foam and cut with your knife to fit into the bed of your dump truck.

Cover one wide flat side of the foam and half way down the sides with the glue. Lightly cover with the shredded paper grass. Let sit until dry *Sorry no picture of this step

Once the glue has dried take your candy and push pin through the wrapper ends into the exposed foam. It's important that it's through the ends, as to not open the candy.

Continue until you have covered all of the exposed foam. It took me approximately 25 pieces for each truck.
Place the candy block into the dump truck and you're ready to roll!

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