About me

Hi there. My name is Sarah and welcome to my blog.

I have a BA in History with almost a triple BA in Geography and Religious Studies. I see myself as a lifetime student, everything fascinates me from the sciences to sociology.  I have a few computer and cooking classes under my belt, as well as come freelance Archiving. 

I am a nature/history documentary junkie. My drink of choice is always Chai tea.

Recently divorced, I have a sweet and funny son which you will probably see throughout the site depending on what activities or crafts I'm up to next. I am a California girl, but I have road tripped across the country, visiting 38 of the 50 states and have been to a few European countries this last year.

I try to keep busy. I do have my lazy phases though, so my blog is not really consistent.

This Blog.
I'm experimenting with this site, seeing and stretching my skills. I get bored easily so you won't see a lot of repeats of things. If a recipe works I try to improve on it next time or change it around. If I see a potential project I'll do the research and tell you about my process until the final product. I have lots of home repairs to do, so most of what you'll see will be that. Baking and cooking. Parties and gift ideas.

My Promise.
I will make this promise to you though. I will always try to give credit where credit is due, that is very important to me. If I took an original idea from someone else, I will never claim it as my own but tell you how I altered it. If you see where I made a mistake and didn't cite my sources, message me and I will quickly correct it.