Parties and Gifts

If you haven't found, go! Go now and I probably won't see you back here again for a few days. There are just so many things to buy and see. You'll be gaining inspiration from all the crafty, imaginative, exploring men and women of the world, Guaranteed!

I was looking today for free printables for my nieces birthday in a few days. Searching, I found lots of stuff, but my heart jumped when I came upon, and my heart just jumped for joy when I saw this party kit.
For a (very) small price, you buy the kit and print at home.   

  • printing costs a lot of money
  • I have to put this together myself   
Compared to... 


  • Price is right, all of it for $5-10, plus the cost of paper.
  • Unlimited printing of whatever you want!
  • Pick and choose, print what you'll use or print it all!
  • No going back to the store to buy supplies if you run out
  • It has freakin' adorable graphics unlike what you'll find mainstream
  • The kit is huge! Stationary, cupcake wrappers, tags, boxes, masks, cupcake toppers, banners, straw accents, etc...

I had to share this as I'm so excited to use the pumpkin decorations for my pumpkin painting party, and the rest for gifts and decorations. 


Make a Truck load of Candy for that lucky little boy in your life, or even that BIG "boy" you're married too that can't get enough of trucks or candy!

Check out the Polka Dot Party Cans I made as favors for my sons polka dot and giraffe birthday party.