Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thank you Cow.

"I doubt whether the world holds for anyone more of a soul-stirring surprise then the first adventure with ice cream.-" Heywood Broun

Yesterday I was strolling through Target when I popped over to the end of the summer saving :) I splurged and bought an ice cream maker (75% off whoo-hoo!). It's nothing like the one I had as a kid. You know the kind. The big wooden tub and the tiny metal one inside, the freezing ice and salt sticking to your legs. You spend what seems like hours cranking and cranking that handle for your delicious summer reward: Ice Cream!

I went the easy route this time, it's automatic and takes approx 25 mins for delicious homemade desserts. But I was thinking...

Of all the ice cream machines out there, the world must really love this chilly treat to have it available year round and make it available to the masses. So I went online and wanted to find the ways we get our ice cream.

Store Bought

Homemade Popsicles (notice the fresh fruit!)

Electric Homemade

Ice Cream Ball

(looks fun, but very expensive for so little)

Ziploc Method

Coffee Can Method

Hand Cranky-Cranky

Local Ice Cream Man


And of course, there are hundreds of ways that we consume and manipulate this delectable dish from the classic cone, Sundae, bars, floats, sandwiches...and on and on

We feel like playing taste bud Gods when we invent new flavors and combinations that send our senses to heaven. I know I will be when I play around with my new ice cream maker!

So let me end in tribute to the cow, by which this dairy creation and millions of happy children are indebted to its service. Thank you cow.

Just because, isn't this Neapolitan cow too cute?
Just for "Mooo"re fun: Ice Cream History:

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  1. I want to make a cake that looks like that stuffed cow...lol