Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gotcha Covered

I thought I would kick start this blog with some of the side projects I have been doing this year.

The one contuious project that I work on every week, off and on, is making mats for the local homeless population out of recycled plastic bags.

I LOVE this project.

2) Though it is not a permenant solution to the homeless situation (and with our economy forclosing on so many families making that population even bigger then before), it is something I can do to contribute, and
3) It's something I can pick up and do then drop and do again later with an ever changing schedule.

Here are some highlights from a brochure I am making to spread interest.

-With temperatures reaching below 40 degrees and flooding rains, many people are left with little shelter or warmth. Seeing the suffering some endure during the cold weather; that is how the quilts for the needy program — Gotcha Covered — began.
This is our 3rd year and we still continue to grow!

Each year we try to add something new. And this year we are making mats to accompany the quilts made of recycled plastic bags.

It takes between 700 and 1000 bags for each mat which is approximately 3’ by 6’ finished.

Can you sew?
• We need volunteers to help make quilt tops
• Help make drawstring bags for the finished quilts
• Bring your sewing machine to cut and sew with the Gotcha Covered crew
• Quilts will be given to not only the homeless, but also to families that have homes but no heat.

“I really enjoy doing this. It’s nice to know it goes to a good cause and you can be creative with making the different quilts.”-Mary Jo Sai, Gotcha Covered member
“It is neat to work on a project, see it completed and know that it goes to good use,” -Megan LaRue, CSU Stanislaus student.

Help collect plastic bags
• Keep bags from your shopping trips
• Ask friends, family, and neighbors. Most are eager to hand off unwanted bags

Learn how to Crochet or use the skills you already have!
• Takes approx. 30 min to learn to crochet
• No counting!

Have some free time?
• Help cut plastic bags to make “kits” for our mat making team
• Cutting bags can be done at home while watching TV!

-Email: or

This isn't just a local group. The woman who started it around my community saw the idea on the east coast (U.S.) and thought she could do the same thing here. As far as I know, nothing is copyrighted and each group has it's own image and style.

If you're interested, take the idea and run with it! Start your own group locally with your crafty sisters and sewing circles (if people still do that sort of thing).

Also, if there is enough interest in this post I can go into detail on how to make the mats. I've been thinking of making a tutorial video and it might be the motivation I need to actually do it.

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