Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saying Thank You

Well it's been a week, but my house is finally put back together after my son's birthday party. Having so many friends, family, nieces and nephews stay the night, it really takes a toll. The new toys have found a home, clothes are washed a put away. All that is left is to write my thank you cards.
I was thinking about this as I pulled out my always ready stash of "thank yous." I have always firmly believed in sending thank you cards when you recieve a gift or someone went out of their way and you really need to send something to show your appreciation. But a thank you doesn't need to be a formal outreach, it just has to be sincere and from the heart so the recievee knows how much they have impacted your life.

It has always bugged me that friends and family I know send out pre-manufactured thank you cards, with only a signature inside. How is that personal? I feel like I was part of an assembly line. So below is my set of "how to's" to write the perfect, sentimental, heart warming card ever.

You will need:
  • BLANK thank you notes, they are cheaper and you have room to write
  • A pen, pencil smuges
  • Envelopes, addresses and stamps
  1. Start off by addressing the person, or people involved in giving the gift.
  2. Tell them you were glad to see them, wishes they could have made ____, sorry you missed them, grateful they travelled so far, or "thank you" for remembering this special day
  3. Thank them for the gift, act of kindness etc... SPECIFICALLY, and how it changed things. If it was a gift, describe how you'll use it. If it was some act, describe briefly how they helped.
  4. If the person (or their family members) did any other ways of helping, make sure to say that too. No little act goes un-appreciated.
  5. Close by thinking of how you will see them next, or describing how much the person you are thanking means to you.
  6. Sign with affection: Love, Cordially, etc...
  7. All Names that are saying "thank you"

Here are some examples:

Thank you for a check from an Aunt and Uncle I don't know well.

"Uncle___ and Aunt ___, I was so surprised that you remembered my birthday. It really means a lot to me since I know we do not talk as often as we should. Thank you so much for the check of $30, it will be nice to have some splurge money for coffee and "me" money. Maybe that purse I have been eyeing :) I hope we can get together soon, I will be making a trip down South your way, I will call and see if we can stop and have lunch. Thank you again. Love, Sarah"

Thank you to a business for helping with a fundraiser

"To ___, Thank you so much for the wonderful contribution to our organization's fundraiser. The potted plants you donated for the silent auction will definately bring in some significant revenue for our cause. I know your business does much to help our local community and we appreciate every effort you do. In turn, we will encourage others to support your wonderful business and it's employees. Thank you again, Sarah."

I think realistically, and odds are no one is going to keep their thank you card forever (unless it's a business and they post it on their wall).

So, don't spend a lot of money on thank you's. The message means 100x more then the card.

Card pictures courtesy of The Card Store:

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