Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Grease Be Gone!

If you haven't noticed by now, I love to bake. But the problem with baking comes down to a few basic problems: wear on yourself, sometimes your wallet and your tools. 

One problem that is common (and my fault for not cleaning properly after baking) is grease build up on pans and cookie sheets. No need to scrub your arm off trying to get that greasy film off, or run out and buy a special cleaner that strips it off. This is my technique that works in a pinch.

All you need is oven cleaner.

Take your greasy pan with stubborn stains that regular hot soapy water just won't get out.

Spray oven cleaner all over the pan targeting specific areas of build up. Pop the pan into a COLD oven and shut the door. Let the bubbles do their magic for 15-45 minutes and then wipe clean with water. 

Leave the pan in longer for harder set grease. 

And Viola!

Next to nearly clean. This pan was after one "session" of cleaning. I need to spray the handles and corners a bit better next time.

But hey, it's soooo much better then what it DID look like, plus it was free! Beautiful.

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