Friday, August 6, 2010

Twine-y Accents (Decorative Balls 1)

If you're like me, I love little accents tucked around the house. I'm attracted to the symmetrical type of styles. I like multiples of things, square type furniture, things organized and in their proper place. I have A LOT of baskets lol.

Sounds a bit boring, but I also like to balance things out with spherical shapes (still symmetrical mind you :)) to soften the look of the room and even the yard.

I am totally in love with decorative balls. Glass, twine, wood, carved, name it. But I am also not going to pay the outrageous price for some of them. So I decided to make my own. This is one of many decorative ball attempts I'm going to be making.All you need for this project is:
  • Regular white craft glue
  • Twine (Micheal's in the jewelry section)
  • foam balls of assorted shapes (Micheal's, clearance section!)
  • safety pins

Starting at the top of the ball (anywhere can really be the top, but I look for the hole), pin the end of the twine in place and circle around it with a small line of glue. Follow the line with the twine, pressing down lightly to smooth along the ball.
Slowly work all the way around the ball, circling with glue then following with the twine. I occasionally stick a pin into the twine if it looks like it won't stay down on the glue (added security is always good).

When done it should look something like this:
Wait about an hour or until the glue seems dry and the twine doesn't move at all. Remove the pins and place where you'd like. Trays, bowls, along mantles are popular.

Stick a hook eye into the side and make it an ornament.

Change the twine from plain, to glittery coiled ribbon and make something completely different if you have more vibrant decorating tastes.

Mine are on top of the DVD tower right now. It's pretending to be my mantle since I don't have a fireplace. I love the look, especially next to the contemporary globe.
I also love these balls because I'm not scare of my baby playing with them. They weigh practically nothing and can be tossed around or rolled and put right back on the shelf.

Hope you enjoy the little tutorial and make some of your own.

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