Sunday, September 5, 2010

Activity Board (Part One) Chalkboard Paint

I bought a table at IKEA, and it served me well. But months of putting to many heavy things on the table, dragging it around and I ended up Oops! breaking the cheap tables legs. 

I tried to fix the problems, but I had to face facts and give up on it continuing to being a table. 

BUT, that doesn't mean it can live on to be something else :)

My $20 table, farewell!

I took the table apart and kept everything. But the part I'm focusing on is the second shelf. It's solid, large piece of wood: 46"x26 1/2"

A can of chalkboard paint sprayed to one side, and a few hours later....I have a HUGE chalkboard for my son to play with.

I think he likes it.

Messy Feet!

There are a lot of options now a days when painting an activity board or message board for the house.

  • Chalkboard paint comes in different colors, you can have it made for you or buy the kits and mix it at home. I've always love the classic black. Plus the left over paint be used in other places in the house.

Check out Frugal with a Flourish's 9 Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint. I love the gardening spoons!

  • I could and (now that I think about it) SHOULD have painted magnetic paint on the board before I painted the chalkboard paint so it would have doubled as a work board.

  • There is whiteboard paint, but I don't trust anyone under the age of 10 with markers :)

I won't tell you what I'm doing on the other side of the board, but you're welcome to guess what it is.