Tuesday, November 9, 2010

25 days of Christmas: Gifts! #2 Magnets

I know I am not the first person to post this, in fact the news about making your own beaded magnets has been out and about for quite awhile now. But, I wanted to include them in the possible gift category. They are cheap, easy-peasy to make, and can be very personable.
 Things you will need:
Mod Podge (or glue)
Clear glass stones ($.89c for 25!)
Magnet roll ($1, cheaper then individual ones)
Scrapbook paper, magazine clippings...(I do not suggest using any photographs, they do not hold up well over time and the colors warp with temperature/chemical changes)

  1. Spread out the newspaper to protect your work surface. Take a stone and place over your paper where there is a nice design that fits into the stone. Trace around the stone lightly and cut out the shape just slightly within the line. I traced one stone 5-10 times on a piece of paper and had very little variation when putting these together, all differences can be trimmed off to fit that particular stone.

Flip your stone over and apply a very small amount of Mod Podge....

Then apply your cut out circle to the back, picture part facing in.

    Check your work and make sure everything looks OK. Use this time to trim the edges of the paper so it is flush against the back of the glass stone. You can also move the paper gently if it is not centered how you would like it.

    Wait about a minute for the glue to set (or longer) and cut a small piece of the magnet off to size. I prefer the magnet roll because it is cheaper and it already has a tacky side that you just peel off and stick. For added security you can hot glue the magnets on, but the adhesive is already really strong.

    And there you have it. Economical and beautiful gifts that fit any budget and style.
    Total cost of each magnet? $.07!

    Use them as a stocking stuffer,
    Gifts to add to homemade cookies and ornaments, 
    Easy gifts to personalize with someones favorite: band, movie, phrase, inside jokes, colors, holidays etc..