Saturday, October 23, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Halloween is fast approaching. The blog-world is lighting up with decorations, party, and costume ideas. Store isles are stocked with candy, pumpkins, and scary skeletons that stare are you as you walk by. All of America is saying "IT'S CANDY TIME!"

But, how do you get your candy?
  • Trick or Treating with your kids?
  • "Boo!" Presents from anonymous friends?
  • School or Church Carnivals?
  • Maybe there is just a big bowl at work that you share with your co-workers?
However you get or giv your sweets, my new favorite tradition is 
Trunk or Treat.

Trunk or Treat is a growing trend in schools and churches as it offers minimal work with a big impact. You invite friends and family to park their cars (trucks, motorcycles, RV, stagecoach, whatever!), open their trunks and decorate the vehicles. The decorations and themes are on the participants; and they bring their own candy to hand out!The kids just walk up to the cars like they would houses and ask "Trick or Treat?" Best part is clean up, everyone packs up their car and drives home! Easy right?

Scary pig car (not ours)
Consider making your next Halloween Carnival a Trunk or Treat event. All you need are imaginative friends, an empty parking lot, and a little organization to get the word out.

Something else you can do to make the event even more interesting is to have a contest for best car, best costumes etc...The church I attend has a best car award. The award is a simple Dollar Store trophy with a toy car glued on top with it's trunk open.

I really want that trophy.

Last year, Mr. Beautiful and I went with a Grecian theme and I really thought we were going to win, but we didn't. We had a small canopy over our car, with drapes and chairs, full costumes, the whole works!
Halloween 2009
This year we're going as nerds. The car is going to be covered in science posters, books etc... and we're going to bring "science" stuff to play with and for kids to play with when they come up to the car. It's a very wallet friendly theme. We're also giving away mini tubs of play dough and coloring pages instead of candy.

That's what I'm going to be doing. What are you doing on Halloween?