Sunday, October 10, 2010

Intro to Computer Graphics

Hi Blogging world.

I decided for this post to share with you something that I am taking a class in right now: Computer Graphics.

Now, honestly I really wanted to take this class to raise my GPA (you know, easy A). I also wanted it to be more like making cute graphics for stickers and banners and such; but, I found myself really challenged to delve deeper and create some really beautiful pieces of art.

Easy abstracts
The software we are using is called Bryce. It is completely free. So anyone can create wonderful things. There are lots of tips and tricks to use when creating your "world," but anyone can pick it up.

For now, I'm going to start by suggesting you download the link, either version 5.5 or 7 are great programs. Any post I make will be made with the 5.5 version since 7 still has a lot of kinks being worked out on it.

More complex architecture
I will try my best to share with you the education I am paying for :) And if I confuse you, then you can always check out the Bryce tutorials anytime. Here's hoping!